Pristine native Australian oysters.
Groundbreaking farming technology.

Aquaculture Industries Australia is an Australian Oyster producer located in the pristine waters of Wallaga Lake in Southern NSW. We use our own proprietary technology to both increase yield and efficiency in producing high quality Oysters.

Not just any ordinary Oyster producer

Pristine location

Our Oyster farm is located in the pristine clean waters of Wallaga Lake, surrounded by National Parkland,

Patented technology

We have developed our own patented technology for producing oysters, increasing both efficiency and yield of our farm.

Set up for export

We have systems in place to enable stable supply of oysters all-year round to different regions around the world.

Why get excited about Oysters?

There are many health benefits associated with the consumption of Oysters:

Aphrodisiac:  As an aphrodisiac, oysters can help boost sexual performance and libido, primarily in men. The zinc content of oysters is extremely high, and contains more than 1500% of the daily requirements in a single serving.

Weight Loss: Oysters represent one of the most nutrient packed foods with the lowest calories versus the volume of serving size.

Protein Content: The importance of protein in the diet cannot be overstated, and oysters are a very strong source.

Heart Health: Oysters can positively impact heart health in a variety of ways, but primarily, the high levels of omega-3 fatty acids versus omega-6 fatty acids.

Zinc: The unprecedented levels of zinc in oysters result in a number of health benefits, including quicker wound healing rates, and boosted immune system against various infections and microbes.

Blood Circulation and Volume: Oysters are also a very impressive source of iron, with more than 90% of the daily requirements in each serving.

Bone Health: The mineral content is quite impressive in oysters, and that is also a major contributor to the strength of your bones.

Immune Function: The vitamin C and vitamin E content, as well as various minerals that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, are able to defend the body against free radicals that are byproducts of cellular metabolism.

About the company

Aquaculture Industries Australia (AIA) is an Australian company that has developed its own technology to streamline the oyster growing process - increasing efficiency, quality and profitability of the process.

With Australia possessing some of the best world-wide conditions for growing oysters, and the strength of demand for quality Aquaculture products in South East Asia, AIA has positioned itself perfectly for export, with the ability to supply oysters all year round.

As a company, AIA is committed to sustainable practices and engaging with the local community to ensure that the benefits of the facility are felt throughout the region. The company provides traceability of all of its end products and will soon be conducting tours of the growing process for visitors to the region.

The Oysters

Aquaculture Industries Australia (AIA) produces two types of oysters.

Angasi oysters

The Angasi Oyster is native to Australia and is often referred to as the "native oyster". These oysters are subtidal oysters and unlike the Pacific Oyster, Angasi Oysters are not susceptible to POMS - a troublesome oyster disease.

Sydney rock oysters

The Sydney Rock Oyster is native to both Australia and NewZealand and was the first type of oyster to be commercially farmed in Australia. These oysters are intertidal oysters and are also not susceptible to POMS.

Our Technology

The Aquaculture Industries Australia system uses fully submerged cages that are stacked on top of each other. Two of these stacks of cages are then held in place by a float that is connected to the long line. The fundamentals of this system has been designed to increase efficiency in both space and the collection and dispensing of the cages for grading.

The system also grades and ‘work’ the oysters on a boat, ensuring that the oysters are out of the water for minimal amounts of time. This not only promotes growth, but also the health and quality of the oyster's grown.

Our Location

AIA’s oyster farm lease is located in the pristine waters of Lake Wallaga, located on the southerrn coast of NSW. Lake Wallaga is surrounded by National Parkland (protected by the Government) which ensures the farm’s long-term biosecurity. The waters are incredibly clean, and natural oysters that can be shucked and eaten straight out of the water can be found along the shoreline.

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