Aquaculture Industries Australia

Streamlining the aquaculture process for efficiency, sustainability and profitability

Pristine Waters

Aquaculture Industries Australia's located in the pristine waters of Lake Wallaga.  Lake Wallaga is predominantly surrounded by national parkland and is known for its pristine waters.

Proprietary Technology

The company has it's own patent-pending technologies that it will be using in the grow-out phase of the oysters.  This technology has been developed in Australia which will will increase efficiency and produce high quality yield.

Export Market

Aquaculture Industries Australia will be exporting its product exclusively to the Chinese Market.

About the Company

Aquaculture Industries Australia is a new Oyster farm development on the South Coast of NSW.  The company has a unique location, with pristine clean waters predominantly surrounded by national park. This location, along with patent-pending new technology is a perfect platform to export oysters to China.
The company will farm both Angasi and Sydney Rock Oysters. Both of these Oysters are native to Australia and are acknowledged as being some of the world's best tasting.